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Feel the beat! New Swarovski Jungle Beats Collection

Swarovski Jungle Beats

We are totally in love with the new Jungle Beats collection that Swarovski has launched this month as part of their new home decor range.

The collection features beautiful coloured parrots and parakeets as well as butterflies and bugs in the most fantastic crystal colours.

New to the collection are the magnets which can be used to decorate the new stands (available in two sizes), the vases (available in two sizes) and the trinket boxes which can also be worn as brooches. There are hanging ornaments and of course the stunning Macaw and Parakeet couple for crystal lovers.

Last but by no means least and possibly our favourite piece from the new Swarovski collection is the Jungle Beats cocktail stirrers! Wow! Summer must be coming.

Swarovski Jungle Beats is now available in store and online in Jersey .

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