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Swarovski Little Mermaid Collection 2021

Swarovski The Little Mermaid, Ariel Annual Edition 2021 : 5552916

Under the Sea! The Swarovski Little Mermaid Collection 2021

How wonderful!  Swarovski has launched the 2021 Disney Princess and we couldn’t be more excited about how well they have depicted Ariel and her friends, Flounder and Sebastian from the Disney classic film, The Little Mermaid.

The exceptional Swarovski Ariel figurine, crafted entirely in crystal, is a brilliant showcase of Swarovski artistry, Ariel sparkles with 323 facets of stunning crystal, from her signature red hair to her green-toned mermaid tail. Sitting on a light grey sea rock, this mermaid princess will enchant Disney fans around the world.

The Swarovski Disney Little Mermaid – Ariel will only available in 2021 and will make an impressive gift, especially when combined with other pieces from the Swarovski Little Mermaid collection.

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