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SCS Christmas Ornaments 2020

Swarovski Christmas 2020

We’ve had a few questions this year about the 2020 SCS Christmas ornaments!

Swarovski has year updated the SCS ornament for 2020 to the extremely beautiful and detailed SCS Winter Sparkle Ornament 2020 and made the traditional gold-tone Annual Edition ornament available to everyone.

The Festive Ornament, available in the large and small size as well as the set of three, is still a limited edition and only available during 2020 however it is not an SCS exclusive.

Links to both can be found below. Don’t forget that our prices at Swarovski Jersey are 15% less than the UK RRP and we offer free delivery over £50.00.

SCS Winter Sparkle Ornament 2020

Festive Ornament

Click and collect is available from direct from Swarovski Jersey store.

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