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Swarovski SCS Collection 2020

Swarovski SCS Crystal

Possibly our favourite Swarovski Crystal Society piece that we have seen in years, the new SCS Stag Alexander is an absolute beauty. Swarovski has gone back to their roots for 2020 to celebrate their 125th Anniversary, with this stunning stag, fawn and doe family. It is complemented by a beautiful edelweiss flower and little marmot who’ll be making a guest appearance at SCS events as the 2020 Swarovski Event Piece.

The majestic Swarovski Stag Alexander (£299) is depicted in an elegant and powerful pose which also reflects his protective and caring nature towards his family. The Stags 452 crystal facets and stunning antlers make this piece a unique gift for nature lovers or for anyone who appreciates romantic forest landscapes.

This Swarovski doe (£183) figurine is an elegant addition to the SCS 2020 Stag Family. The delicate details of the head and the many brilliant facets used to create its body make this a stunning interpretation of natures beauty. We recommend presenting this masterpiece together with other Stag Family members and forest-inspired pieces.

The cutest member of the family is the little fawn (£113). To create this cute figurine 282 crystal facets in a variety of tones have been chosen. The Fawn combines perfectly with the Stag and the Doe to complete the SCS 2020 Stag Family.

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